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The classic warning signs were all there, ‘I can’t open up any of my files’, ‘all of my spreadsheets and documents are corrupted’, ‘they all have the same date’. Computer problems that come from viruses and malware are always tricky to solve and this particular one wasn’t even nearby in Bideford or Torrington but 80 miles away at an old customer. Running a few remote diagnostics showed that although the shared areas on the server were corrupted the server itself wasn’t infected nor the majority of the user’s client computers. A sigh of relief when I checked out their computer backup just prior to the infection by this particularly nasty bit of computer malware and all was clear so after running scans on the problem computer and restoring data it was smiles all round.

The moral of the story – keep several generations of backup, think think and think again before opening up emails and tread very carefully when restoring data!

I particularly enjoy computer help when it all ends well but whatever the outcome, it is so important after the event to sit back and think through what could have been done to improve computer security, could we have made the computer backup more robust and more comprehensive and what further computer training particularly with regard to online risks could have helped.